The Very Best Of The Proclaimers (25 years 1987 - 2012) OUT NOW

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The Proclaimers 2012

The Proclaimers by Sol Nicol

The Proclaimers by Sol Nicol

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Feb 28


  • Chef01 Says:

    Love the new site! Always so refreshing to have a change, it been a while! Great news on the album, will there be a track listing soon? and obviously made up about the gigs, hope there may be a couple of little “warm ups” !!!! Looking forward to a great Proclaiming year!!

  • Chris Says:

    Thats great news Lads about new album & tour.
    Don’t forget to pay us a visit over here in Dublin.
    Super website.

  • Lesley Says:

    Love the new website! Looking forward to the new album and hopefully a Canadian tour.

  • Marlene Oergel Says:

    Hopefully you’ll be back in the states soon. Just found out about you in the last month and have been looking up everything I can find about you. Loved your Austin, Texas checking out all the Hot Sauces. Marlene Oergel

  • Alyson Says:

    We are coming to see you in November in Bradford, so excited … Me and my now husband got married to ‘lets get married’ 3 weeks ago 1st of April of all days, but that is just us, got all my fingers crossed you might play this in November would be awesome, love the new track also, just waiting to see the VT!
    All the best on your tours and save your marvelous energy for Bradford lol. xxx

  • The Outlaw Josey Wales Says:

    Hey Guys!
    Been listening to you on Pandora Internet radio. You really have a distinct sound and I’ve been glad to get a chance to hear some of your songs other than 500 Miles. 500 miles is cool but it’s the only Proclaimers song I’d ever heard until checking you out on Pandora. I’ll definitely be adding your music to my collection. Keep up the good work!
    Peace be with you!
    Josey Wales

  • Hazel Says:

    Any dates lined up for 2013 in London?

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