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Spinning Around In The Air video is shot.

Matt Lucas has now directed the video for the new single Spinning Around In The Air.

The video is a satire on a Golden Wedding party set in a bungalow in Glasgow. The video will be unveiled on 30th April coinciding with the UK release when Spinning Around In The Air will then be available at iTunes.

Photo: Colin Usher
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Apr 19
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  • steve Says:

    like the new single, heard it on rad’2, when isit avalable??

  • Maureen Says:

    Good luck with the single. My grandsons and daughter are in the video, and had a great time meeting you all.

  • Alison McLaren Says:

    My mum & dad starred in the video & had loadsa fun making it. They met Matt Lucas & now think he’s great. I’ve heard the new single on Clyde 2 & can’t wait to see the film.

    Ali Mc.

  • Bill & Marie McLaren Says:

    Great single ,can’t wait to see video .

    from “Morag & Donald” at the golden wedding party ,

  • Alyson Says:

    The first time I heard your new track was on my Wedding day, how special is that going to be for me for the rest of my life … Thanks guys! xxx

  • Scott Says:

    Fantastic single, pure dead brilliant, this song will be the song of the summer of 2012 nae the year of 2012….thanks guy’s

  • iain moore Says:

    Love new single, great tune feel good tune love the back ground instraments too. Great stuff,

  • Jill Says:

    Love the new single! Can’t wait for album and to see you again @ City Hall in Newcastle in November!!

    Your music is a joy………x

  • sally Says:

    I love their harmony so much. Cant wait to see the video.

  • Rosa Says:

    Heard new song on Radio 2. Fantastic!!
    Immediately downloaded from iTunes.
    Can’t stop singing it!!!

  • Marlene Oergel Says:

    Just ordered “Like Comedy” I’m sure I’m going to love it. Marlene Oergel

  • James Says:

    Cant wait to hear the radio programme on BBC next week! James – Biddie – Devon